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Patient FAQs

What happens if I need to go to the hospital?

Dr. Seljuki is an independent doctor, but he is affiliated with Decatur Morgan Hospital. If you do have to go to the emergency room and are admitted, just let them know you are a patient of Dr. Seljuki’s. He will be contacted by the admitting physician and he will give orders, and see you that day. On some occasions he can do a direct admit from the office.

What should I expect from my primary care team at Highlands Internal Medicine?

We want to be your first stop for all your medical needs. We specialize in preventive measures, specialize in adult disease, and provide all the support your health needs. Dr. Seljuki and his CRNP work directly together to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan specific you and your needs. When you are sick or not feeling like yourself, just call the office and we will try to get you an appointment the same day. Dr. Seljuki and his staff are committed to providing the best possible care to his patients, and developing long lasting relationships.

How do I get refills outside of an office visit?

We prefer you request all your refills while you are seeing the provider. In the event one gets missed, or it was too early to refill you can call the office at 256.309.5850, and leave a message on the prescription refill line. We ask for 24-48 hours on all refill request, this may take longer if a prior authorization is required by your insurance. Please keep in mind if you are running low on routine mediations, its most likely time for a follow up with the provider. If you are past due for a follow up, we will contact you to schedule an appointment.

What if I need to call?

We encourage you to call if you have any questions reguarding your condition, medication, or treatment. The front desk staff can answer many of your questions, in the event you need to speak to a nurse a message will be sent, and she will return your call as soon as possible. Non- emergent situations will often not be addressed until the end of the day. Please call during regular office hours for routine matters, and scheduling an appointment.

What if I want to see a specialist?

Dr. Seljuki likes to see his patients when they are having a health problem, many times we can avoid sending you to a specialist and treat the problem, or give advice until the specialist can get you in. If you need to see a specialist, most of them require a recent office note, with documentation of why they are seeing you.

What insurance do you accept?

We are in network with most BCBS, Humana, United Healthcare, Aetna, and Anthem. We accept Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. We do not accept Cigna Healthsprings. If you are still unsure if we take your insurance you can call the office to ask. It is still a good idea for you to verify that we are in network with your plan

How do I get my lab results?

Dr. Seljuki goes over all lab results with his patients in office. You will have labs one day, and approximately one week later you will follow up with a provider to discuss your results.

What do I do if I need to speak to someone after hours?

In an emergency you should always call 911. The on call provider is for urgent problems only, meaning they cannot wait until the next business day. If you need to speak to the provider you still call the office at 256.309.5850, and you will be routed to the answering service. They will notify the provider you have called. The on call nurse/ provider will return your call. No narcotic pain medications, controlled substances will be called in. Routine medications will not be called in, as you should do this during regular business hours.

What if I need a same day or sick appointment?

Just call and schedule a same day sick visit! Same day appointments are for patients with any minor ailment that might be of concern.

What is the difference between an office visit and an annual wellness exam / physical?

An office visit is appropriate to discuss new or existing health problems. The questions and exam will focus on your health issue. As a result of this visit you may be prescribed medication, or additional testing may be done in office such as EKG or X-Ray.

An annual wellness exam (physical) is a preventative health exam where a thorough review of health and well-being is accessed. The provider will review your known medical problems and perform a thorough physical exam. Provider will provide recommendations on diet, exercise, and discuss immunizations.

We can combine an office visit and annual wellness exam, but it is subject to deductibles, and copays. This is required by insurance regulations.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Office hours are by appointment, and we value your time. We do send out reminder notifications, and calls to confirm your appointment. If you cannot make your scheduled appointment times, please contact the office immediately. There is a fee that may apply for all no shows, or missed appointments. The cancellation and no show policy is included in new patient paperwork.
Dr. Adnan Seljuki, MD is an Internal Medicine Specialist and Primary Care Doctor in Decatur, AL.
He is affiliated with medical facilities Decatur Morgan Hospital and Huntsville Hospital.
Highlands Internal Medicine is accepting new patients and telehealth appointments.
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