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Remote patient monitoring (RPM) involves the use of connected electronic tools to record personal health and medical data in one location that is reviewed by a provider at a different location. The data may or may not be viewed as soon as it is transmitted.

Common examples of remote health monitoring devices include glucose monitors that remind diabetes patients to take their insulin, while allowing their physician to monitor the disease, digital blood pressure monitors that enable patients to remotely send physicians their blood pressure

RPM can be used to treat both chronic and acute conditions, enabling providers to keep tabs on patient’s in-between clinic visits or when in-person care is not possible. RPM enables providers to observe patients in near real-time, gather necessary data, adjust, and improve care outcomes. This type of continuous tracking is helpful for patients with ongoing medical conditions.

The provider has to order this service. We have three devices in our office; glucometers, blood pressure machines, and weight scales. All of our devices are simple and easy to use. Once the provider orders one of these for you, we will walk you through step by step how to use it. We will discuss your personalized treatment plan including medication, how many times a day you should use the device, and what time you should use it each day. A target number will be included in your treatment plan. Each day we will review the data and if something is not within target, we will call and discuss it with you.

This service has proven to be beneficial in our patients. Our patients have been control of sugar, and blood pressure. Remote patient monitoring is a fantastic patient engagement as it provides the patient with tools to assist them in understanding their health. When a patient understands their condition, their unique care plan, and what their responsibility is in bettering their health, they’re more likely to experience positive health outcomes. Convenient access to health education materials further improves their engagement
If you would like to learn more about this service or schedule an appointment with us, please call our Decatur office at (256) 309-5850 for the quickest response. We are accepting new patients and we routinely accept walk-ins when possible.
Dr. Adnan Seljuki, MD is an Internal Medicine Specialist and Primary Care Doctor in Decatur, AL.
He is affiliated with medical facilities Decatur Morgan Hospital and Huntsville Hospital.
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